Minutes from March 14, 2022 Board Meeting

These are notes from a meeting of the VHTRC board of directors held on March 14, 2022. These notes summarize the topics that were discussed and the decisions that were made. If you have a question or comment about this meeting, please send an e-mail to the board members.

Meeting held by video conference.

Called to order: 8:03 pm

Adjourned: 9:30 pm

Board members present: Tracy Dahl, Jon Jester, Keith Knipling, Chelsea Smith, Will Weidman

Others present: Alan Gowen

New business

Hashawha Hills 50 km debrief

RD Alan Gowen debriefed the Board on Hashawha Hills. Hashawha is as popular as ever, with a record number of people applying for the lottery. The course changed a little this year, and is now a little longer with more trail. Alan’s philosophy has always been to put on a quality event for a reasonable fee and the Board agreed he has been wildly successful.

Events report

The Board reviewed past and upcoming events. Elizabeth Furnace was March 12 and Keith and Chelsea reported that, other than wind and snow, the event went off without a hitch. Q and Bur pulled volunteers were pulled to minimize the risk of driving in questionable weather. All runners and volunteers made it to the event and back home uneventfully. A tangent discussion ensued about event RDs’ authority and responsibility. The decision to cancel an event lies with the Event RDs and we generally try to stick with plans regardless of the weather, so long as people’s safety is not compromised. During this discussion, the Board decided that having a medical plan for each event (including what to do in case of an emergency, directions to nearest hospital, etc.) would be prudent. The Board divvied up responsibilities regarding who would draft these plans:

  • Chelsea: MMT Training Academy, The Ring, Reverse Ring, WTF, Elizabeth Furnace, Catherine’s, MMB, and Boyers
  • Keith: QSQB and Holy Cowans Gap, Turkey Chase
  • Will: Redeye, MGM, PB&J, PHT
  • Tracy: Big Schloss

MMT Training Run 3 will be March 26. It is a loop course so there are no concerns with Covid and car shuttles. This is the first year that Elaina and Christian Stanton are RDing the event.

Storage unit

The VHTRC has rented a storage unit in Woodbridge since October 2020. At that time, rent was $127 per month. On April 2, 2021 it went up to $164. Keith received notice that on April 2, 2022, it will be $187. The discussion mainly served as an FYI. A central storage unit is indispensable but, if costs keep escalating, we may consider another option. Keith will call Public Storage to see if a lower rate can be negotiated.

Pavilion at Caroline Furnace

The Caroline Furnace Lutheran Camp is building a new pavilion that will, ultimately, serve as the S/F of MMT. The VHTRC will also have year-round access to storage there. The Lutheran Camp is currently having a fundraiser seeking donations to help fund this project. Keith has posted a news story on the web page and will make an announcement on Facebook and the listserv.

Gift for Kevin

Kevin is retiring as MMT RD. We discussed getting him a gift and Tracy will look into this.

Last meeting’s minutes

The Board reviewed last meeting’s minutes. Jon motioned and Keith seconded that they be approved. Minutes were approved unanimously.

Other business

Signal Knob Half Marathon

Will continues to plan for a fall half marathon trail run in the Massanuttens. The course will be similar to the old Moonlighter loop.

Submitted by Keith Knipling.

Last updated April 29, 2022