Minutes from January 28, 2020 Board Meeting

These are notes from a meeting of the VHTRC board of directors held on January 28, 2020. These notes summarize the topics that were discussed and the decisions that were made. If you have a question or comment about this meeting, please send an e-mail to the board members.

Meeting held at Bob Gaylord's Home.

Called to order: 7:00 pm

Adjourned: 8:39 pm

Board members present: Bob Gaylord, Keith Knipling, Sheila Vibert, and Tom McNulty (in person), Tracy Dahl (by phone)

Others present: Trevor Baine and Katie Keier (by phone)

New business

Per the Bylaws, the newly elected Board selected Keith Knipling to serve as President with term beginning January 29, 2020.

Keith provided an update on the website status and facilitated a discussion of next steps. It was agreed that much progress has been made since the last meeting and the Board congratulated Keith on his work. After discussing the “go live” date originally set for March 1st, it was agreed to potentially move the date until after MMT at the MMT RD’s request. Final decision was delegated to Keith to make after his planned meeting with the MMT and BRR RD’s February 1st.

The Board approved the purchase of a small portable generator and fuel container (Generac: approximate cost $650) to replace the aging, large, cumbersome generator currently in use.

Bob provided an update on plans for one or more benches on the BROT trail in honor of Ed Cacciapaglia with funds donated in his memory. NVRPA is receptive to the initiative and will do the purchase and install. VHTRC members can help with the work. Several locations have been identified including in the Do Loop at the top of the hill overlooking the regatta area, overlook on the west side (Hemlock side) of the Marina, and in the bluebells area near Bull Run Reginal Park in Centerville (the northern turnaround area of BRR 50).

Trevor presented the draft 2020 budget. After discussion, Bob moved with Tom seconding a reduction in fee-generating race remittance requirements to the club to $1500 for MMT and BRR, and $1000 for WHM; motion passed unanimously. It was moved by Tracy and seconded by Sheila to increase funding for fatass runs $100 each with guidance to race directors to use the money for the runners and to compensate volunteers for gas and other purchases supporting the run as they deem appropriate; motion passed unanimously. With the preceding budget adjustments, Bob moved, and Tom seconded to approve the budget; motion passed unanimously.

Katie Keier joined the board by phone and gave a quick overview of the upcoming Awards Party and an MGM 50k back brief. There was discussion of the MGM $10 entry fee (returned the morning of the run) and whether it was still of value. It was concluded that no changes need to me made to MGM.

Other business

Sheila Vibert was appointed liaison responsibilities with the US Forest Service (and other affinity organizations in the Massanutten and Shenandoah National Park areas). Bob Gaylord was appointed liaison responsibilities with NVRPA. Tom McNulty was appointed liaison responsibilities for trail maintenance work. Keith Knipling was appointed liaison responsibilities with RRCA. Bob Gaylord agreed to continue taking minutes of the meetings.

Submitted by Robert E Gaylord. Minutes approved by email on February 3, 2020.

Last updated February 5, 2020