Minutes from August 29, 2016 Board Meeting

These are notes from a meeting of the VHTRC board of directors held on August 29, 2016. These notes summarize the topics that were discussed and the decisions that were made. If you have a question or comment about this meeting, please send an e-mail to the board members.

Meeting held by phone.

Board members present: Keith Knipling, Alan Gowen, Tom McNulty, Dan Aghdam, and Anstr Davidson

New business

Membership Meeting

Dan and Tom distributed a PowerPoint presentation outlining the agenda of a proposed Membership Meeting. We were all in agreement that this is worth pursuing. It was also agreed that Trevor Baine should be present and that we should spend as little money as possible.

It was decided that Saturday, October 29, is the best date for such a meeting. Part of Dan and Tom’s outline proposed having committees to encourage membership involvement, and there was a lengthy discussion over what these committees should be. Among others, a new “Trail Maintenance” Committee, to encourage and facilitate member involvement with local trail maintenance, was a good idea.


The board asked Alan to see if Kevin want to meet in the first half of November. This is an opportunity for the Board to touch base with him regarding any changes he has for the race and also offer Club financial support for any infrastructural improvements he may have.

TWOT and MMB as VHTRC “events”

TWOT/Hot TWOT and MMB are not VHTRC events, but the Club hosts informational Web pages for both. It was discussed whether or not these events should be adopted as official VHTRC events. Alan noted that Antoinette Landragin, the current Hot TWOT RD, can seek assistance to put on the event without it being an official VHTRC event. No decisions were made.

VHTRC Board Google account

There is now a Google account for the VHTRC Board with an associated Google Drive which will enable collaborative editing of documents. All Board members have access to this through their personal Google accounts. There are two pending documents in the Google Drive that the Board is working on collaboratively:

  1. Message to the membership soliciting volunteers for BRR RD
  2. Guidance for Low Key Runs and Events

Bull Run RD

Keith prepared a draft message to the membership asking for volunteers for the BRR RD position. It is currently in the Board Google Drive. Each Board member will review this, make changes they see fit, and then adopt send this out to the membership ASAP.

Guidance for Low Key Runs and Events

Alan has prepared a Guidance for Low Key Runs and Events. It is currently in the Board Google Drive. Each Board member will review this, make changes they see fit, and then adopt this at an upcoming meeting.

Submitted by Keith Knipling. Minutes approved by email on September 11, 2016.

Last updated December 16, 2019