Minutes from May 23, 2016 Board Meeting

These are notes from a meeting of the VHTRC board of directors held on May 23, 2016. These notes summarize the topics that were discussed and the decisions that were made. If you have a question or comment about this meeting, please send an e-mail to the board members.

Meeting held at Anstr Davidson's home.

Board members present: Alan Gowen, Tom McNulty, Keith Knipling, Dan Aghdam, and Anstr Davidson

Others present: Kevin Sayers (RD, for discussion of MMT)

Old business

There was discussion of old business items:

Policy on budget practices

At a previous meeting, Anstr had proposed that there be a requirement that the treasurer could only disperse money in conformance with a pre-approved budget. He had said he would draft a policy, consult the treasurer on it, and then show it to the board. Anstr has not done this, but stated that he will.

Low key runs

Tom had volunteered to draft policy guidance for club members who are in charge of club sponsored low key runs. Tom did this and circulated his draft just before the meeting. Other board members committed to comment on his draft after they had read it.

Member Town Hall

Dan and Tom said that they need to discuss this further before offering a specific suggestion to the board.

New business


Race Director Kevin Sayer attended the meeting. There was a general discussion of the 2016 event. Board members and the RD were generally pleased at how the event went. There was discussion of areas that board members felt the event could improve. The RD made clear that unless the board can find a volunteer to administer the Visitor Award program, it will die.

Since some bills are not yet paid, there was not a final tally on the event’s profit for this year. Though the RD mentioned an entry fee increase, the board took no action on the entry fee at this time.


There was discussion of the need for a new RD for the BRR. There also was extensive discussion concerning celebrating the BRR 25th anniversary in 2017 by having some of the former RDs and founders of the race play a big role in the direction of the 2017 event.

It was decided to advertise for a new RD now, and to seek a way for the new RD to work with former RDs and founders in 2017 so that he or she will be fully prepared to take over the event in 2018.

Some board members were concerned that this proposal might muddy the recruitment of a new RD. It was decided to simply advertise for a new RD and then discuss the 25th anniversary proposal by with the candidates when they stepped forward.

(After the meeting, Alan drafted a notice to the membership soliciting applications to be the new RD for Bull Run Run.)

Transgender Policy

The board had made a draft of its new policy on transgender runners available to club members for comment. Several comments were received. All were acknowledged. While several comments were helpful, no board member felt that any change was needed to the language of the policy. It was moved and seconded to adopt the policy. All board members voted in favor of adopting the policy. New Policy

Woman’s Half Marathon

Tracy had notified the board that she could not be at the WHM on race day and wanted to appoint some else to be in charge at that time. The board indicated that Tracy could appoint someone whom she could pick but the the board would like to be notified as the identity of that person before it is final. The board prefers that this be one person with clear overall authority for the event on race day.

Keith reported that Tracy is having trouble pinning down the officials at the Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority on the date for the event she wants – September 17. Keith indicated that as soon as the date is confirmed, the WHM Web site will reflect it. Entry will open after July 4.

Summer/Volunteer Party

There was discussion of holding a summer party similar to ones that had occurred in the recent past. It was generally agreed, though not voted on, that one person should be answerable to the board for adhering to a budget for the party.

No specific plans for the party were adopted. No budget was set, no person designated to be in charge. There were some preliminary plans but, after the meeting, it appeared that those plans are not tenable. As of the drafting of these notes, there is nothing firm about the party.

Web site

In the summer of 2015, Anstr told the board that he wanted to move on from managing the club’s Web site. For various reasons, nothing happened with respect to that. Anstr has renewed his desire to move on (though he is willing to keep responsibility for some portions of the Web site).

The next step is a bit muddled because there are two related, but different issues. There is the technical problem of hosting and maintaining the site and there is the editorial policy. The discussion was not conclusive. Anstr offered to draft a notice to seek volunteers to help with the Web site, and to circulate that draft to the other board members for comment.

Submitted by Anstr Davidson. Minutes approved by email on June 8, 2016.

Last updated December 16, 2019