Minutes from June 24, 2010 Board Meeting

These are notes from a meeting of the VHTRC board of directors held on June 24, 2010. These notes summarize the topics that were discussed and the decisions that were made. If you have a question or comment about this meeting, please send an e-mail to the board members.

Meeting held at Ed Demoney's home.

Called to order: 7:30 pm

Board members present: Ed Demoney, Alan Gowen, Anstr Davidson, Paul Blackman, and Quatro Hubbard

Others present: Stan Duobinis (MMT Race Director)

New business


The meeting began with a discussion with Stan of issues the Board had found with the management of MMT.

Stan did not agree with the views of most Board members. Stan left the meeting with strong disagreement remaining between him and most Board members.

A motion was made, solely because of the irreconcilable differences between the Board and Stan, to remove Stan as RD. On that basis, the Board, with Ed voting no, approved the motion.

It was decided to issue a notice recruiting a new RD using the recruitment notices for BRR and WHM as models. The exact wording would be dependent upon whether Stan chose to resign or preferred to be involuntarily removed.

It was agreed that Alan would contact Stan to inform him of the Board’s decision and to offer him the opportunity to resign. Stan chose not to resign.

Ed suggested that we give Stan a probationary year, to see if communication could be improved, and to see if a committee approach, with greater Board/VHTRC oversight, could work to everyone’s satisfaction. No vote was taken because a majority of the Board believed that, even if all concerned parties wiped the slate clean, and tried determinedly to the utmost of their abilities to work together in a unified effort, the differences between the Board and Stan were too great to overcome, and would result in an unworkable situation.

Other issues

It was noted that a new banner was needed, since the old one, with the logo designed by Chris Scott’s brother, had been returned. VHTRC needs a new banner featuring the new logo, and Paul was assigned to look into obtaining one.

Anstr briefly summarized the financial condition of the club, finding it healthy, with more profits from BRR and MMT than had been anticipated.

Quatro noted that Swag Committee had produced new shirts in two colors each for men and women. It was agreed that, while the cost varied a bit and averaged almost $16, it would be easiest to charge $15 per shirt, but not to subsidize sales to non-club members, who would pay $20.

There was discussion regarding whether the 2011 MMT should be based at the Camp, or whether we should check into the possibility of moving back to the Ranch. Since there are many other issues to address with MMT at this point, it was agreed that we should not move again this year and we should hold MMT at least one more year at the Camp, with efforts made to improve some of the issues regarding parking, better preparations in case of rain, and the finish line.

Concerning greater Board oversight, suggestions were made for more committees, with specific functions for the several races, including the existing Swag committee (and the idea of having a single shirt, each year, specifically for volunteers at all of the races), and possibly a procurement committee, food/party committee, training run committee, etc., in order to involve more club members at a higher level of club management, and to provide more consistency among club events.

Ed discussed the possibility of holding the Potomac Overlook Trail runs on November 13, 2010. This would be a VHTRC sponsored and managed event, as it has been in the recent past. There were, however, several outstanding issues about the matter, and so no decision was made. Ed will report back at a future meeting.

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