Minutes from January 7, 2010 Board Meeting

These are notes from a meeting of the VHTRC board of directors held on January 7, 2010. These notes summarize the topics that were discussed and the decisions that were made. If you have a question or comment about this meeting, please send an e-mail to the board members.

Meeting held at Anstr Davidson's home.

Called to order: 8:00 pm

Adjourned: 10:30 pm

Board members present: Anstr Davidson, Ed Demoney, Paul Blackman, Alan Gowen, Quatro Hubbard

New business

I. Election of President

Alan Gowen was nominated by Anstr Davidson, seconded by Paul Blackman – Alan was then elected by unanimous vote.

II. Board Goals

Each board member took a few moments to discuss his personal goals for the board and the club over the next two years.

III. Board Management


Frequency, best times, etc. Discussion as to how often to meet – general view that we should review calendar and decide on general times to meet based on need. Likely need to meet more frequently in the first half of the year due to race calendar. Weeknights are best time; hope to handle some board-related business via email.


Meeting notes – general agreement on getting these to President for posting shortly after meetings. Q will take initial notes during meeting for later circulation prior to finalized draft being posted by the president.

E-mail list for Board Members

Distribution list is on the website for club members to contact board as a group; Anstr has updated with new board members’ email addresses.

No need for internal email list for board, to avoid confusion with other distribution lists.

Treasurer - selection - Ed’s call for an “audit” and treasurer spending policies

Anstr, the current treasurer, reported on how the club handles its money. The funds are in three places: (1) a checking account at Bank of America, (2) in PayPal briefly before they are transferred to the B of A account, (3) and a small amount in currency. While most expenditures are in support of events or activities that the board has approved, current practice is that any new expenditure is made: (1) with the approval of the treasurer up to $100, (1) with the approval of the treasurer and the president for up to $200; and (3) with the approval of the treasurer and president and prior notice to the board of an expenditure above $200. The club currently has three credit cards.

The club’s fiscal year is the calendar year as required by the RRCA. The treasurer, however, usually produces a report in October because that gives a better picture of how the big events fared in light of our cash basis accounting. The annual IRS form on the club’s financial activities is due on May 15 of each year.

Ed called for an audit to see if the books are accurate, and see if the reports have been prepared correctly. Ed noted that this is standard business practice, and that there has not been an audit in the past of the VHTRC books.

There was a discussion of other means of having a check of the books aside from a potentially expensive and time-consuming audit to ensure that the club’s funds were being properly administered. The Board then voted 3-1, with Ed in favor, Quatro, Paul and Alan opposed, and Anstr abstaining, disapproving the motion for a financial audit. There was then discussion of getting views from other CPAs in the club, who may have suggestions of other methods for overseeing the treasurer’s report, or of the necessity of an audit.

Brief discussion on new club logo – previous board had declared the top vote-getting logo in the recent club vote the winning selection.

IV. Specific Issues

Awards (See: http://www.vhtrc.org/files/award-categories.htm)

Recommendation – same awards as last year.

“Stupid” Award – Brian McNeill is willing to incorporate his Next Year I Am Not Going to Do Anything Stupid award into the other club annual awards.

What should we do for the award winners – consensus is for the mug awarded last year, or another award of that quality. Q will check with Mike Bur on source of awards last year.

Q will also continue to efforts to recruit someone to handle the food prep for the awards party on February 20

Immediate budgeting

We should budget for the events scheduled for the next three months. Anstr suggested the following based on previous years expenditures:

  • Eagle Run $800
  • MLK Weekend $200
  • Reverse Ring $150
  • Awards Party $1,000
  • Elizabeths Furnace $150
  • Tom’s MMT Training Runs $200

Q will get back with Board on needs for MLK, Reverse and Elizabeths after discussion with Mike Bur and report back before those event budgets are firmed up.

Eagle Run will likely be roughly $800 – may be more or less depending on turnout

Also suggested that fat ass RDs adopt practice of the aid station captains at major races — receive a check ahead of time rather than reimbursement after the event.

BRR - RD’s update

Update on swag that is being considered for Bull Run this year – budget may call for an increase in the entry fee. Anstr is hoping to avoid this, but it will be decided prior to entry opening later in January.

The “Swag Committee”

Q and Anstr informed the new board members of the members of the Swag committee and their function.

Q will serve as board liaison with the committee – desire to move forward with a new shirt for the spring now that a new logo has been selected. There is an understanding that the board will need to explicitly approve any swag committee purchase recommendations.


Look to invite RD Stan Duobinis to meet with new board to discuss MMT preparations – also have more detailed update on BRR preparations at same meeting. There was discussion of areas that might be improved at the race.


Need to check with RD Mel Saraniero on firming up date with Fountainhead - Anstr will handle.

RRCA insurance

Anstr has paid the annual club dues – but is unsure of how to ensure that all VHTRC events are covered. Ed will check into the process to ensure that all are officially covered and report back.

V. Next Meeting

Tentatively set to have next meeting on Thursday March 11 – 7pm, again at Anstr’s house.

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