Minutes from April 20, 2008 Board Meeting

These are notes from a meeting of the VHTRC board of directors held on April 20, 2008. These notes summarize the topics that were discussed and the decisions that were made. If you have a question or comment about this meeting, please send an e-mail to the board members.

Meeting held at .

Board members present: Mike Bur, Anstr Davidson, Kerry Owens, Quatro Hubbard, Carolyn Gernand

New business

  1. Notes from 2/10 meeting approved
  2. Logos/designs: status
    • The issue of the club logos and Chris Scott’s requests was discussed. Kerry will work further with Chris on the issue.
  3. Events
    1. BRR
      1. Food at finish worked out well; having it available to all seemed both popular and easier to manage
      2. Survey draft needed
      3. Need to put together “lessons learned”; can use survey and discussion with Bob
      4. Need list of volunteers
    2. Elizabeth Fat Ass
      1. On-line sign-up worked well
      2. One significant trail issue (the turn from MT orange to Tuscarora Trail blue) will be addressed at next year’s event
      3. Will remain a Fat Ass (“no fee, no awards, no wimps, and no whining”) for now, because no permit requests are being accepted at this time; limitation in number of runners is a condition of permit-less events
    3. Reverse Ring
      1. All ten starters finished; no issues or problems
      2. Will consider formalizing aid at Little Crease
    4. MMT 100 2008
      1. “211E” parking plan still an issue
      2. Course marking, aid stations, and other volunteer plans in place
      3. Finish line food plan near completion; Quatro to oversee.
    5. MMT100 2009
      1. Entry process - will have open lottery for initial slots
      2. Likely will have a prioritized waiting list, criteria to be determined
    6. WHM
      1. Permit status: permit ready, Carolyn to pick up from NVRPA [done]; all insurance information provided to NVPRA and shelter reserved
      2. Reviewed planning notes provided by Mary Campbell (RD) and Mel Saraniero
      3. Concurred with having two training runs, proposed dates 8/9 and 8/23.
      4. Route expected to be the same as for 2007.
      5. Noted that new logo is needed in time for them to order schwag (aka, swag)
      6. Noted that RD will need to consult with schwag committee regarding schwag policy and quality.
      7. Noted that Board plans to use a lottery with a waiting list for all major events, which includes WHM.
      8. Anstr will communicate with RD directly on Board discussion.
    7. Andiamo
      1. Set for October 4
      2. Will use on-line sign-up
      3. Considering choice of pin or patch for finishers
    8. Potomac Overlook Runs
      1. Potentially October 18?
    9. Potomac Heritage Trail Run
      1. October 19 (Sunday)
    10. Catherine Fat Ass
      1. Specific date and RD not finalized at the time of this meeting
      2. Another event with limited entry and no fee
    11. Summer Party
      1. Set for August 23, other details to be determined
    12. Trail Work Weekend (5/3)
      1. Several chain saw crews available
      2. Noted sections needing work.
      3. Carolyn, Quatro, Bur, and Anstr will be leading crews; other TBD.
    13. Annual “Trail Cooperators” Meeting
      1. Held at new Forest Service office in Edinburg, Don Sawyer and Wade Bushong leading
      2. Bur, Davidson, and Gernand represented VHTRC
      3. Forest Service expressed thanks to all trail workers; FS really counts on and appreciates volunteer trail work
      4. No event permit requests being accepted right now; no date for known for when they will be
      5. Old Dominion Ride moved to Bryce area
      6. Reps of groups present talked about their events and trail work.
  4. Procedures
    1. Noted need to discuss sponsorship, schwag, membership, and volunteer accounting — deferred to future meeting
  5. Meeting adjourned

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