Minutes from February 10, 2008 Board Meeting

These are notes from a meeting of the VHTRC board of directors held on February 10, 2008. These notes summarize the topics that were discussed and the decisions that were made. If you have a question or comment about this meeting, please send an e-mail to the board members.

Meeting held at Mike Bur's home.

Called to order: 4:00 pm

Adjourned: 6:00 pm

Board members present: Mike Bur, Anstr Davidson, Kerry Owens, Quatro Hubbard, Carolyn Gernand

New business

  • Reviewed awards program and party held 2/9/08
    • Expenses:
      • $100 Beverages ($100 wine and ice; $235 beer and sodas)
      • $465 Food
      • $350 Facility
      • $450 Awards
    • Had a brief discussion of award process
      • Need to have available a history of awards, i.e., who has gotten which award
        • Quatro volunteered to start compiling a list from VHTRC archive articles
      • Need to review the criteria descriptions later in the year (after Spring crush - of activities)
        • Will post draft for club member comments
      • Discussed possible inclusion of a Volunteer Award
        • Quatro offered to draft potential language for such an award
  • Discussed whether to have additional official VHTRC events
    • Discussed what “official” means
      • RRCA definition regarding managerial and financial responsibility for event
      • Liability and insurance
      • Permits and issue (moratorium) with permits for “for fee” events in Lee Ranger District of GW National Forest
      • Noted clearly “official” VHTRC events: BRR, MMT, WHM
      • Noted non-VHTRC events to which Club makes monetary contribution but is not putting on the event, such as Big Schloss and Catherine Furnace
      • Noted distances for which VHTRC currently does not have events: trail marathon, 50K, 100K
    • Concluded:
      • Open to new events but no vote on specific new events at this time
      • Need to define categories of VHTRC event “ownership”
      • Decided that, for now, path to new events is to continue trying out event ideas as low-key, no fee events with participant limit such that permit thresholds are not at issue
  • Women’s Half Marathon Trail Run
    • At time of meeting, interview process was underway; subsequently, Mary Campbell was selected as Race Director with Melania Saraniero assisting
    • Permit has been requested but not yet received
    • Pavilion reservation made
    • Entry opening date and entry procedures will be determined jointly by Board and RD
  • Miscellaneous
    • Trail Work Day set for May 3
    • MMT entry process for next year
      • Noted that BRR procedure seemed to work well
      • Will discuss specific procedure for MMT with RD (Stan Duobinis)
      • Plan to make at least a general announcement of procedure at this year’s MMT pre-race briefing
      • If prioritization of some kind is used, will discuss specific criteria at a later meeting

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