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Hashawha runners make their way across the rolling fields during the 2010 race.
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2022 Report

February 26, 2022  •  Westminster, MD

105 starters, 90 finishers

I’ve always seen the Hashawha Hills 50k as a puzzle with many pieces, and as run director, it is up to me to keep tweaking and adjusting and massaging those pieces to make this run the best it can be. Over the years we have made small adjustments to the course that have made the run experience better, albeit, more difficult. This year we made the biggest course change in the run’s history when we modified a 2.3 mile loop section that runners encounter twice, adding a noticeable degree of difficulty and elevation change. Despite the more challenging and slower course, runners seemed to be unanimous in their enthusiasm for this change.

As they always do, our key volunteers returned to take ownership of the event and on the last Saturday in February, 105 runners towed the line for the thirteenth running of Hashawha Hills. Mercifully, the horrible mud that usually plays a big role was partly frozen making for some fast going right from the start.

On a personal level it was exciting for me to have my son Jonathan running Hashawha Hills for the first time. He battled for the lead with Patrick Stem and with about 7 miles to go Jonathan took the lead and held on to take the win. The run quickly became a family affair when Jonathan Gowen became only the seventh runner in the run’s thirteen year history to break four hours, finishing in 3:59:09.

Molly Ritter ran strong all day and in a tight women’s field took the win in 4:53:54.

The weather was perfect for running and the course remained in excellent shape all day long. Runners were enthusiastic about the latest tweaks to the Hashawha Hills puzzle, and our volunteers went the extra mile to make Hashawha Hills a better than ever experience for all.

The thirteenth running of the Hashawha Hills 50 km Trail Run will be held on February 25, 2023, the traditional last Saturday in February.


1Jonathan Gowen37MCatonsville, MD3:59:091
2Patrick Stem33MWestminster, MD4:15:572
3Kyle Imhoff31MWoodbridge, VA4:27:211
4Kellen Matthews30MGlenside, PA4:33:381
5John Dennis41MSilver Spring, MD4:34:571
6Erin Kelman45MGermantown, MD4:46:531
7Molly Ritter35FArlington, VA4:53:541
8Mac McComas33MBaltimore, MD4:58:021
9Aaron Schwartzbard44MWashington, DC5:01:333
10Martha Nelson40FWashington, DC5:01:331
11Sarah Mikalauskas42FNew Market, MD5:07:256
12Kristen Kelman33FGermatown, MD5:09:562
13Scott Lee51MHaymarket, VA5:30:451
14Stephanie Gardner34FWestminster, MD5:33:421
15Toby Ehrbaker47MBel Aur, MD5:33:422
16Patrick A. Stohrer47MFinksburg, MD5:33:451
17Matt Craig49MBaltimore, MD5:36:216
18Jonathan Lang45MLutherville, MD5:45:101
19Neal Barnaba43MSpring Grove, PA5:48:211
20Thomas Haine55MTowson, MD5:52:447
21Pat Gilbert58MBaltimore, MD5:54:568
22John Murrow40MCatonsville, MD5:56:071
23Eric Eldridge53MReston, VA5:56:121
24Adam Renninger41MWestminster, MD5:56:285
25Tommy Williams41MCatonsville, MD5:59:181
26Jimm Ouellette49MFairfax, VA6:10:004
27Siobhan Leonardis39FMiddletown, MD6:10:433
28Alan Johnson58MOcean View, NJ6:16:303
29Gina Giordano54FMount Sinai, NY6:16:571
30David Wood59MAbingdon, MD6:17:314
31Robert Cawood53MAnnapolis, MD6:17:492
32Chris Coder40MWestminster, MD6:18:487
33Lindsey Weaver36FFrederick, MD6:20:093
34Larry Huffman61MArlington, VA6:20:175
35Ronald Henry60MAdelphi, MD6:22:273
36Robert Kazmierski41MBaltimore, MD6:25:273
37Billy Clem52MFrederick, MD6:27:284
38Bryan Slotterbach48MQuakertown, PA6:29:392
39Peter Han45MNorth Potomac, MD6:30:292
40Erin Altemos47MBaltimore, MD6:32:192
41Lisa Gesualdo52FBel Air, MD6:33:241
42Kevin Keck42MNew Freedom, PA6:33:311
43Jason Odam46MWestminster, MD6:33:411
44John Dubicki42MHanover, PA6:36:522
45Angelo Otterbein48MMonkton, MD6:41:205
46Jim Treece52MFrederick, MD6:42:142
47Drew Schiavone37MFalling Waters, WV6:42:501
48Alex St. Clair46MAlexandria, VA6:46:154
49Paul Aumayr51MHalethorpe, MD6:46:231
50Ryan Cox37MDerwood, MD6:48:141
51Jamie Greenawalt53FBedford, PA6:48:187
52Doug Camann54MClarksboro, NJ6:52:027
53Byrne Bacwaden48MMountain Province, PHL6:57:491
54Sue Heineman56FWashington, DC7:05:151
55Michael Stefanon53MManassas, VA7:06:113
56Robert Grolemund53MBroadlands, VA7:08:433
57Gaynor Bourgeois53FTakoma Park, MD7:09:221
58Christiana Fogg44FKensington, MD7:09:414
59Joseph Nah50MGaithersburg, MD7:09:411
60Veronica Crawford53FFairfax, VA7:11:541
61Dee Gager57FFrederick, MD7:12:252
62Peihan Orestes40FBethesda, MD7:13:132
63Paul Sherlock65MArlington, VA7:15:287
64Ryan Schenning30MBaltimore, MD7:16:442
65Mary Kate Schneider37FBaltimore, MD7:16:461
66Christian Stanton48MFredericksburg, VA7:20:113
67Michael Bottos61MAshburn, VA7:21:242
68Starla Snyder59FEast Freedom, PA7:23:584
69Stephanie Fonda54FKensington, MD7:26:473
70Frank Middleton44MWestminster, MD7:28:302
71Cassandra Lizza41FLancaster, PA7:32:244
72Greg Pituch46MSpring Grove, PA7:35:501
73Andy Dodge59MWestminster, MD7:46:572
74Valencia Hike41FMiddle River, MD7:46:581
75Peter Mulligan56MBaltimore, MD7:51:021
76Robert Perry59MMiddletown, MD7:51:032
77Larry Ferguson46MAlexandria, VA8:00:492
78Carol Joe32FAlexandria, VA8:01:061
79Michael Jury46MSpringfield, VA8:01:103
80Adeline Ntam42FSilver Spring, MD8:02:384
81Johanna McKenna34FSilver Spring, MD8:02:381
82Conrad Mascarenhas26MBaltimore, MD8:06:281
83Dawn Gray47FClifton, VA8:08:243
84Shelly Cable52FBedford, PA8:08:249
85Carole Williamson60FEldersburg, MD8:09:2311
86Sarah Humphrey64FReston, CA8:09:591
87Genice Rill48FFinksburg, MD8:10:274
88Angela Hayes52FOdenton, MD8:10:412
89Mark Cable50MRuckersville, VA8:11:245
90Jeffrey Klemm71MMcLean, VA8:46:104

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