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Hashawha runners make their way across the rolling fields during the 2010 race.
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2020 Report

February 29, 2020  •  Westminster, MD

110 starters, 105 finishers

Stefano Ruzza, run winner
Stefano Ruzza, run winner.

The Hashawha Hills 50 km Trail Run is well known as a great run. But it is more than that. It is never ending hills, and over-the-top course marking. It is The Famous Aid Station. It is the volunteers. It is variable late February weather that has given us ice, snow, thunder storms, sleet and cold wind. It is an incredible value. It is that fabulous finisher’s mug. And it is mud.

But finally after 11 years of mud, Mother Nature upped her game and delivered a perfect day. Under mostly sunny skies and temperatures hovering in the upper twenties, the famous mud remained frozen while at the same time providing temperatures that allowed runners to enjoy this perfect day.

Runners took advantage of these perfect conditions right from the start. And the racing at the front was incredible. Right from the gun Stefano Ruzza and Paul Jacobs had the hammer down as they ran off the front battling for the lead. After an epic battle trading the lead back and forth uncountable times all day long, Stefano was in the lead at the finish, crossing the line in 3:47:21, a mere 20 seconds ahead of Paul. This back and forth battle produced the second and third fastest times ever run at Hashawha Hills.

Kristen Serrafin, female winner
Kristen Serrafin, female winner.

Whereas the run for the women maybe wasn’t as dramatic, it produced a great win for Kristen Serrafin. Course record holder Sheila Vibert was in 4th place overall at the half way point of the run, but in the second half Kristen moved up steadily and with 5 miles to go passed Sheila for the win crossing the line in 4:43:38.

Thanks to the all the runners who showed respect for our unique venue and supported all our volunteers.

The Hashawha Hills 50km Trail Run has a core group of friends who year after year come together, take ownership of our run, and make it the very special and successful event that it is. Without their passion for our run, Hashawha Hills would be just another run instead of the sparkling gem that it is.

This run produced a profit for the Virginia Happy Trails Running Club. Therefore, we’re still not sure runners are getting their money’s worth, and so we will stick with our tradition of lowering the entry fee every year as we attempt the impossible.

Please join us for the Twelfth anniversary running of the Hashawha Hills 50km Trail Run to be held on February 27, 2021. The entry fee will be a ludicrous $18.95.

Happy Trails!
Alan Gowen.
Run Director, Hashawha Hills 50km Trail Run

Stefano Ruzza and Paul Jacobs
Stefano Ruzza and Paul Jacobs — they ran the second and third fastest times ever at Hashawha.


1Stefano Ruzza37MLutherville, MD3:47:211
2Paul Jacobs41MWashington, DC3:47:431
3Aaron Schwartzbard42MWashington, DC4:18:262
4Michael Myers33MWashington, DC4:40:172
5Kristen Serafin31FRockville, MD4:43:381
6Sheila Vibert38FFairfax, VA4:45:596
7John Marciari48MBaltimore, MD4:47:005
8Matthew Erb41MAnnandale, VA4:54:001
9Shannon Cebron28FBaltimore, MD4:56:002
10Robert Bartholomew55MAberdeen, MD4:56:301
11Christopher Flint37MBurke, VA5:00:363
12Elaine Griesbach49FMount Airy, MD5:01:491
13Sarah Mikalauskas40FNew Market, MD5:02:055
14Toby Ehrbaker45MBel Air, MD5:02:481
15Ted Murphy43MBaltimore, MD5:11:472
16Barry Hauptman56MBethesda, MD5:13:463
17Hussein EzzEldin37MColumbia, MD5:22:072
18Ali Mohammed40MHyattsville, MD5:22:321
19Matt Craig47MBaltimore, MD5:24:305
20Thomas Kearns54MCatonsville, MD5:24:571
21Jake Kruse39MGlen Burnie, MD5:31:221
22Alla Kiyashko40FRockville, MD5:32:102
23Ryan Stuart46MAlexandria, VA5:38:483
24Sarah Colwell31FWestminster, MD5:40:361
25Pat Gilbert56MBaltimore, MD5:41:497
26Eduardo Ugarte II51MSpringfield, VA5:42:011
27Robert Cawood51MAnnapolis, MD5:43:141
28Gary Wenczel41MConestoga, PA5:46:361
29Andrew Campbell35MFort Washington, MD5:50:481
30Paul Crickard66MColumbia, MD5:52:047
31Peter Han43MNorth Potomac, MD5:53:111
32Brenden Lingg36MWestminster, MD5:53:474
33Allison Minehart32FRichmond, VA5:55:531
34Larry Huffman59MGreat Falls, VA5:58:104
35Alex St. Clair44MAlexandria, VA5:59:074
36Angelo Otterbein46MMonkton, MD5:59:594
37Carey Ahr43MFrederick, MD6:04:133
38Adeline Ntam40FSilver Spring, MD6:05:493
39Sean Schmidt49MReisterstown, MD6:06:222
40Billy Clem50MFrederick, MD6:08:533
41Ryan Schenning28MBaltimore, MD6:11:191
42Allison Abbe44FBoiling Springs, PA6:12:374
43Robert Kolb52MLorton, VA6:16:113
44Emily Clay30FBaltimore, MD6:17:142
45Robert Kazmierski39MBaltimore, MD6:19:552
46Eleonora Duregon33FLutherville-Timonium, MD6:20:442
47Marvin Leventer55MBaltimore, MD6:21:451
48Kenneth Scerbo42MWest Point, NY6:22:202
49Jamie Greenawalt52FBedford, PA6:26:446
50Christian Stanton46MFredericksburg, VA6:26:452
51Brian Chiles46MWoodbridge, VA6:28:512
52Nathaniel Corn40MCatonsville, MD6:30:323
53Shelly Cable50FBedford, PA6:32:078
54Rachel Temple42FAlexandria, VA6:32:322
55Jason Lawrence42MThurmont, MD6:33:491
56Michael Bottos59MAshburn, VA6:37:191
57Michael Hardman29MFayetteville, NC6:41:451
58JoAnne Smart43FCharlottesville, VA6:41:512
59Gary Nelson39MHuntingtown, MD6:42:431
60Brett Martin39MArlington, VA6:43:373
61Frank Middleton42MWestminster, MD6:47:091
62Chris Beers-Arthur51MFrederick, MD6:48:193
63Crista Horn48FFrederick, MD6:48:221
64Brian Hapeman47MCharlottesville, VA6:51:062
65Julie Kimmel39FReston, VA6:53:001
66Kerry Shepherd52FFrederick, MD6:53:271
67Kibby Powell50FMiddletown, MD6:53:272
68Andrew Carta35MCrofton, MD6:55:294
69Cassandra Lizza39FLancaster, PA6:56:133
70Meranda Pierce45FMount Joy, PA6:56:135
71Stephen Wancowicz48MBaltimore, MD6:57:161
72Jon Jester60MMechanicsville, VA6:57:523
73Stephanie Fonda52FKensington, MD6:57:522
74Alberto Vazquez50MLutherville, MD6:59:254
75Chris White51MGlen Allen, VA7:01:321
76Alyce Graham Stiles37FWilmington, DE7:02:372
77Paul Sherlock63FArlington, VA7:03:266
78Robert Grolemund51MAshburn, VA7:05:372
79Tracey Thibodeau49FStafford, VA7:05:392
80Gary Maier67MWallkill, NY7:10:003
81Carole Williamson58FEldersburg, MD7:11:2010
82Michael Jury44MSpringfield, VA7:13:322
83Elaina Stanton49FFredericksburg, VA7:16:252
84Starla Snyder57FEast Freedom, PA7:17:193
85Samirah Abdul-Fattah62FHolland, PA7:17:241
86Alan Lagon50MBaltimore, MD7:25:4510
87Andy Dodge57MWestminster, MD7:27:481
88Steve Coco49MWestminster, MD7:27:515
89Chris Coder38MWestminster, MD7:27:526
90Adam Renninger39MWestminster, MD7:27:534
91Meghan Curley38FAnnapolis, MD7:33:502
92Brigitte Sheehan59FNewark, DE7:34:004
93Dipak Bhattacharyya56MFairfax, VA7:34:292
94Angela Hayes50FOdenton, MD7:50:511
95Rachel Rosenblatt50FPikesville, MD7:50:541
96Christine Schauerman54FEllicott City, MD7:56:383
97Faye Weaver46FEllicott City, MD7:56:402
98Frank Volny41MColumbia, MD7:56:443
99Joe Hanle62MGermantown, MD7:57:254
100Jeffrey Klemm69MMcLean, VA7:58:573
101Jenni Norris49FAlexandria, VA8:03:041
102Genice Rill46FFinkaburg, MD8:04:013
103Roxanna Strine65FYork, PA8:35:311
104Scott Lemmon50MMount Holly Springs, PA8:42:252
105Larry Thibodeau51MStafford, VA8:45:461

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