Quatro Hubbard

Voting for 2019 Club Awards is OPEN!

The 2019 club awards voting link may be found here: Awards Voting

The link takes you to the ballot, which you can review prior to actually submitting your votes for the various nominees and categories. If you are a club member, you then log in, cast your ballot, and submit.

Three things to bear in mind:

  1. You can only vote once! So be sure to review your choices carefully before you reach the bottom and hit the Submit button.

  2. Voting is open through Sunday January 19th, so make the time to get your selections in for this year’s club awards by the end of the weekend!

  3. Be sure to make a selection for each award from among those nominees (no write-ins!) If you prefer to skip a category for whatever reason, there is a radial button that allows you to go with No Selection for that award.

The Party to actually name the award winners is Saturday evening, February 1st. Make sure to RSVP by the last week of January to help the party planners do their planning thing. Awards Party RSVP

Good luck to all the nominees! It was another amazing year on the trails for the club’s runners. And big thanks to Katie Keier for compiling the award nominations and for coodinating the party.