Anstr Davidson

VHTRC Web Site Improvements

The Club page, formerly the News page, of the VHTRC Web site is no longer a good source of up-to-date news about the past activities of club members. We want to address the problem by identifying more reporters to contribute posts.

Someone will be designated ahead of time to have the responsibility to post a report of each newsworthy event. That person should have been at the event.

If you want to be a reporter, please let Anstr know. He will set up the necessary permissions for you to post a report.

From those who are reporters (or, at first, others who can cajoled), Anstr will designate one reporter for each upcoming event that is expected to have a significant number of VHTRC member participation or other VHTRC interest.

Here are some guidelines on the reports.

  • They need not be long. They can be just a paragraph. Long is fine, but if they are, they should be written in newspaper style with a first paragraph that contains all the important information.
  • These are not first person reports of your run. Reports should report about the run from the perspective of VHTRC interest.
  • You can try to name all VHTRC participants if you want, but that is fraught with error. You are likely to leave someone out. Probably better to name the first VHTRC finisher, any special cases, and then “..several other VHTRC members participated.”
  • All facts - who won, times, etc. - should be what you saw yourself, or from official sources or eye witnesses. We should not pass on unreliable information from third sources like Twitter, etc. There should be a link to the results. If the results are not up yet, then link to the event Web site.
  • Posting a photo is good, but not that easy. Anstr can help you with that.
  • Posts should be from the VHTRC point of view. The VHTRC Web site is not a source of general trail running news. If someone who is not a VHTRC member sets a record in a race in California, there are many other places that will be reported.
  • There are many people who others think are VHTRC members, but are not. The VHTRC Web site is about the VHTRC. If in doubt, please check the club roster to be sure of someone’s status as a VHTRC member.
  • Anstr will try not to edit what you post, but we will fix horrible grammar or spelling errors, double-check membership status, and promote some consistency. (Example, there were two VHTRC finishers, not 2 VHTRC finishers.)

If you want to be a reporter, let Anstr know. He will set you up. If you have a comment or question, contact Anstr.