Brittany Zale

VHTRC Twitter Account

At Bull Run you go 50. At MMT you go 100. At @VHTRC we go 140. That’s right, there is now a @VHTRC Twitter account. The Twitter feed will include event updates, links, pictures, and anything else you might not want to bother the listserve with. “What is this tweeter thing?” you might ask (by the way, it’s twitter) and “what will I find on it that I can’t find conveniently located on the Web site?” You may even roll your eyes, mumble something about “Facebook” and “back in the day.”

Twitter allows a person or organization to post updates on anything so long as they’re limited to 140 characters. You can quote (or re-tweet) other updates, create lists, and mention another account. The 140 character limit allows for quick, instant updates. It may redirect questions floating around the listserve (such as, “how much snow did you get in Fort Valley?”), re-tweet photos from races and @ultrarunnergirl’s updates on how she is fairing at Bull Run, or link to news updates that you may otherwise look over. The Twitter account will be run by ultra-hip VHTRC members (not the old guys on the board). Please DM the account to be added to the runners list, #FF us, RT our awesome updates, and tag @VHTRC when you talk about our awesome running events and training runs. (But only if you did a good job. We have a reputation to protect.)

Don’t have Twitter? Didn’t understand that last sentence? It’s ok, you’ll learn.

Twitter 101:

  • DM - Direct Message
  • #FF - Follow Friday
  • RT - Re-tweet