Club Information

VHTRC Membership and Web Site Updates

How to sign in to your account

To log in to your new Web site account, click on “Request new password” at the bottom left of this or any page. You will get a page that asks you for either your Username your e-mail address.

Your Username is your first and last name with a space in between (example: “Gary Knipling”). Your e-mail address is the one for you on the VHTRC membership roster. (If you used a different e-mail address to create a Web account here, that address has probably changed.) If you previously had a Web site account, your old password should still work.

Your new account

Here is the new list of members. If you go the the new list, the names will be links to each member’s page if you are logged in. A member’s page has home and e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, and birthdates. Only logged in members can view a member’s page.

Check your data

When you set your password and log in, go to “My account” and check your information. The birthdates for several people have the year messed up. If your birth year is “1900,” as many are, you should fix it. (All the ones we saw had the correct month and day.)

Upload a picture

If you haven’t already, you can upload a picture. Click on the Edit tab on your My Account page.

Do I need to use this new account you just gave me?

You don’t have to use it much, but this account will be the only way you can (1) renew your membership or (2) gain access to the kind of information that was previously “members only.” You will, of course, forget the password. The system will allow you to reset it. We don’t know your password. Don’t e-mail and ask for it.

How will the membership process change?

  • New memberships will now expire a year from when you pay. Memberships will not expire at the same time.
  • Current memberships will expire on either November 30, 2011 or November 30, 2012. There will be a provision to recoup the value of the one month lost. (The purpose of this is to make our membership list in December conform to reality. This will save the club a few hundred dollars in RRCA dues.)
  • Membership fees, spouse/significant other memberships, and free renewal for volunteers will not change. (If any of these provisions do change later, the system should be able to accommodate it easily.)

Help, questions, etc.

If you see a problem, have a question, or need help, feel free to contact Anstr at Somewhat amazingly, he will actually be running this weekend, so be patient.