Quatro Hubbard

VHTRC Football Picks

The VHTRC football pick competition is back for all club members to have some fun with again this year! And the Week One games are posted and ready for your best guesses. If you are a club member, and logged on to the club’s website with your user name and password, then you can see the link to the contest on the left side of the main news page. 

As always, there are 16 college games and 4 pro games in the contest, with at least a couple of the college games each week involving the teams of “real” colleges (i.e. not semi-pro, with student-athletes who actually go to classes).  We have added the point spreads to make the picking harder; as always the point spreads do NOT apply to overtimes, but only to the score at the end of the standard 60 minutes and four quarters for each game.

More information can be found on the game page. Good luck everyone!

Week One Games