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Six Win VHTRC Bowl Contest

Six VHTRC contestants shared the win in the 2015-16 college bowl contest. They were Gary Lukacs, Jack Evans, Michael Gildea, Kevin Bligan, John Shepard, and Philip Westlake.

We put the picks of seven “experts” in the mix and they all sucked. The best one was three behind the winners. Most were much further behind. (We did not put the expert picks of the championship game in the contest. But even if you assume they all took Alabama, which they probably didn’t, they still suck.)

The consensus of all VHTRC contestants (in otherwords taking each team what had the greater number of VHTRC pickers) led everyone. We even beat the Las Vegas consensus.

So the whole thing was a success — unless, I suppose, you were/are a Clemson fan.

Thanks to Quatro and Paul for their help during the year. Hope to see everyone back next year!