Anstr Davidson

New Feature - Subscribe to VHTRC Calendar Events

The feature allows you to subscribe to the VHTRC events on our calendar. You can import the VHTRC events to your calendar.

This has not been extensively tested. Please be careful if you try it. Here are some points.

  • We have tried this only on iCal on OS X Yosemite. It should work with other calendars, but we don’t know that it does.
  • It should put all the VHTRC events in a separate calendar. You can delete that calendar of you don’t want the events.
  • If Quatro adds a new event, it should be added to your calendar automatically. Haven’t tested that yet.
  • This exports only VHTRC events not training runs. We think this is a feature, not a bug.
  • There may be other things we can do with this. If you have an idea, let Anstr know.
  • This is only for members. Be sure you are logged in before you take this link:
  • Subscribe to VHTRC event calendar

Subscribe to VHTRC event calendar