Sophie Speidel

Mountain Masochist 50

The Masochist course was changed in 2012 to accomodate a new start location, and is now considered by many to be between 15-30 minutes slower than the original course. As a result, runners over 60 were permitted to utilize an early start time of 3:30 am. Bill opted to start with the rest of the field at 5:30 and finished in 12:13, having made the cut-off at the last aid station. In her 10th Masochist, Bethany Patterson won the women’s race in 8:28 with a come-from-behind push in the last 4 miles, and John Andersen was the first VHTRC male finisher in 7:58. Both Bethany and John won the Lynchburg Ultra Series. Jack Kurisky won the male 40+ in 8:26. The race started with temperatures in the 60s and high humidity, but rain and a cold front brought relief in the second half.