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Mike Broderick: 1956–2010

Mike at the 2009 MMT
Mike at the 2009 MMT.

A huge gathering of friends from the several worlds that Mike dominated remembered him at a memorial service on November 15. Since this is 2010, you can watch the service. Many VHTRC members were among those who showed their respect to Mike by attending the service.

Mike Broderick died in the early morning hours of November 5. We send our condolences to his family and the many other people close to him.

Mike appreciated all the gestures of support he received in his final battle with cancer. He was especially pleased that so much money was raised in his name to fight the disease, over $35,000. It is a small, but important, consolation that we were able to recognize Mike in this way.

Mike’s final illness showed how many people he had touched. Many, many of us will miss him greatly.

Happy trails, Mike.

Remembrances of Mike

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