Club Information

Improving VHTRC News

This is an attempt to revitalize the VHTRC Club page, formerly, the “News Page.”  We think that there is a place for news of the club be documented and, eventually, archived. We don’t think that either the listserv or Facebook can perform that role.

The goal will be to enlist club members in writing the “first draft” of the club’s history.  People who were at the event, or have reliable information about it should document it.  The club is so big now that one person can’t do that.

You can make a post about an event you attended or have reliable knowledge of.  Or you can encourage a friend to do so.  If there is to be news about what VHTRC members do, someone has to do it.

Here is how it will work:

  • Any club member may create a “News Story.”
  • We will not edit the body of the story, but will edit the “teaser” that goes on the Club Page.  Also, we will combine stories that relate to the same event by displaying only one on the Club page with links to the others.
  • We will arrange the order of items on the front page and, where necessary, combine items about the same event.
  • Posts will have a category that the author must choose upon posting.

We will probably tweak things as we go and may develop more extensive guidance.

The important bottom line is that, if the club members want a place to record club activities, it is here.  But people need to pick up the pen!

To make a post, be sure you are logged into the site, click on “Create Content” on the menu to the left and select “News Story.”  Or you can go straight to the Create News Story page.