Quatro Hubbard

“I Think I Broke My Lungs”

Megan Alvarado, fresh off her stellar run at Grindstone in early October, has written an excellent report on another 100 miler that she raced over the last weekend of August. The Kodiak was her first 100 mile race on the West Coast. And as at Grindstone, Megan finished in second place at Kodiak. It was a quite a journey, and you can [read about it here](https://runningoffthebeatenpath.wordpress.com/2017/10/18/kodiak-100-my- first-west-coast-100/).

The 2017 race marked the fifth year for the Kodiak 100. It is held near the village of Big Bear Lake, in the San Bernadino National Forest east of Los Angeles. The 100 miler starts on a Friday morning, and the 50 miler starts bright and early on Saturday. This event has an interesting twist - two 50ks. The “Front 50k” starts at the same time as the 100 miler, and allows the runner to see the first 31 miles of the 100 miler course. The “Back 50k” starts on Saturday morning, 3 hours after the 50 milers set off, and covers the final 31 miles of the 100 course. And of couse there is the option to do both since they are run on consecutive days! Good stuff.

Results and race photos are linked from one webpage for all of the races.