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A Foggy Tale - Reverse Ring Results

Preliminary results are posted for the Reverse Ring.

Dan Fogg, 2019 Reverse Ring winner
Dan Fogg, 2019 Reverse Ring winner.

The 2019 was the 14th running of the Reverse Ring. This year’s race was made more challenging than usual by the weather conditions. All the runners were tested by the wet weather, the entrenched cold (temps did not stray out of the 30’s all day or night), and what turned out to be more snow and ice on the trails than expected, vestiges of a mid-week storm. These did not seem to be record-setting conditions. And ultimately they were not. But they were not conditions for the second fastest running of this race, either - and ultimately they were. While Danny Mowers’ incredible time of 13:47 for this 70.1 mile loop remains the event record, 2019 Reverse Ring winner Dan Fogg’s time of 14:31 is now the second fastest.

8 other runners completed the Reverse Ring, with a total of 6 of the 9 finishers now joining the Master of The Ring club, having now completed the loop in both directions for the first time. First place woman and second overall Kathleen Cusick is of course not only a legacy Master of The Ring, she is a two-time Bad A* MF* of The Ring, as well, having completed back-to-back Ring and Reverse Ring runs on consecutive days on two previous occasions. This year she settled for just running the regular race with everyone else without first warming up with a loop in the opposite direction on the previous day. Scott Lee is another previous Master, and this year’s record-setting last place finisher, Larry Huffman, was the final Master to return and get a finish this year. Larry’s run was a record, in that none of the 13 previous editions of the Reverse Ring had a final finish close to his 25 hours. We are not used to wrapping up the proceedings and hitting the highway so early on Reverse Sunday! Well done, Larry, and all the runners!