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VHTRC Awards Voting & Party

It is time for all club members to do their civic duty - it is Awards Voting Time! You must be a current member to vote! If you are not sure what the VHTRC is, then you may not be a member. If you do know, but can’t remember if your membership is current, please check here.

Awards Guru Katie Keier will verify all voters, so please do her the great good favor of only voting if you are a current member.

A link at the bottom of this post will take you to a Google Form where you will get the opportunity to cast your ballot. Please vote for one member in each category. You will have an opportunity to read the qualifications of each nominee (and see a representative photograph of each) as you cast your vote.

An important note: please review the ballot carefullly and cast your vote one time only! Ballots with duplicate email addresses will be discarded.

We hope you are as inspired as Katie was by reading about the nominees and seeing the amazing photographs they submitted. In addition to those nominated, each of you has an accomplishment you are proud of this year - whether it was a tough race, a fun run, a volunteer gig, a beautiful view, or an epic adventure with friends — and you also have a chance to share that! Katie is putting together a slideshow capturing our member’s trail running and volunteering adventures with the VHTRC (near and far) this year. Please submit a photo (or several) with a brief write-up explaining the photo (name, date, event, quote, whatever….) to Katie before January 30. You can submit photos via email, Google or Dropbox.. The slideshow will serve as a backdrop during the cocktail party portion of the awards party.

Please take a few minutes today to cast your vote! Awards will be presented on February 2. You can RSVP for The Par-Tay here.

And now… it’s time to VOTE!!!

Link to the ballot.

Voting closes Sunday, January 20. Be a good Furbutt, and Vote!