Rob Colenso

2020 Board Election — The Candidates

The list of the candidates for election to the next VHTRC board is included below. These individuals have stated their intent to run as candidates for the VHTRC board, and each has been nominated by two members as required by the club bylaws. The election is online during Dec. 2-9. The candidates who receive the five highest vote counts will serve two-year terms starting Jan. 1.

  • Tracy Dahl
  • John Fitz
  • Robert Gaylord
  • Keith Knipling
  • Helen MacDermott
  • Thomas McNulty
  • Sheila Vibert

All members of the VHTRC as of Oct. 20, 2019, are eligible to vote. You may vote for up to five candidates. On or before Dec. 2, club members will receive an email explaining how to cast a ballot.

Each candidate has the opportunity to make a candidate statement and publish it to the VHTRC site on or before Monday, Nov. 25. Those statements will be linked from this page as they are published. Making the statement is the responsibility of the candidate.

Be sure to vote starting Dec. 2.

— Rob Colenso, Commissioner of Elections