Quatro Hubbard

2018 VHTRC Football Season Wrap

Congratulations to Heath Harris for winning the 2018 VHTRC Football Contest overall season’s title. Heath finished with a particular flourish, nailing 12 of the 20 games in the final week to open up a clear gap over second place finisher Mundy Hackett. Michael Gildea was third. Bill Sublett and Gary Lukacs were joint winners of the final week, with a strong 14 right each, and that allowed them to rise to fourth and fifth, respectively, in the overall season standings. Well done all!

2018 Final Football Contest Results

Thanks to Paul Blackman for making the bulk of the game selections for each week of the contest. Thanks to Anstr Davidson for finalizing the season standings, for providing Paul and I with all the technical assistance we needed from week to week, and for setting up the annual Bowl Contest, the dessert at the end of the regular football season!

College Bowls Contest