Dancing on the rocks during the 2016 Reverse Ring.

Keith Knipling

2017 Report

September 2, 2017  •  Fort Valley, VA

61 starters, 45 finishers

The results from the 2017 running of The Ring can be found below. Congratulations to everyone who came out to participate, but especially to Adam Watkins, men’s winner of this year’s run, and Sheila Vibert, the women’s champion.

Adam’s 14:23 finishing time was 23 minutes faster than the record set in 2008 by Keith Knipling. Keith closed in the 2017 to finish second in 15:51, and Chris Moore and George Sefzik tied for 3rd in 16:06.

Sheila’s time of 18:03 is the third fastest for women at The Ring, bested only by Kathleen Cusick and Grace Fisher last year. Both were signed up for the 2017 Ring, but Grace had to withdraw pre-race, and Kathleen has been suffering from foot issues, so after coming into the first full aid station (at Camp Roosevelt), she opted to run back to the start on the Fort Valley Road.

There was a record 61 starters and a record 45 official finishers. Two other runners, Jackie Ong and Julius Garcia, also completed the distance under their own power, but had some navigational issues in the final section of the run around the Strasburg Reservoir and the infamous Signal Knob, and they ultimately came to the finish 80 minutes over the 29 hour run cutoff.

Of the 45 finishers, an amazing 32 runners were joining the Fellowship of The Ring, through the completion of this run for the first time. There are now 213 members of the Fellowship - and thus 213 who are eligible to enter the Reverse Ring. The next running of the Reverse will be over the weekend of February 24-25, 2018.

Everyone would agree that, aside from these great running achievements above (and listed below), the real heroes of The Ring this year were the volunteers, and the weather. This year there were 40 volunteers, and each and every one was amazing, even by the increasingly high VHTRC standards. This outstanding level of support allowed the run to grow to the extent it did this year.

The high finishing rate was likely aided not only by the great volunteer support, but also by the highly unusual weather. The remnants of Hurricane Harvey, that had spent days dumping an unprecedented amount of rain over the Texas and Louisiana coastal areas, chose to roll through the Massanutten Mountains and the Fort Valley on run day. The very erratic forecast from the weather guessers turned out to be off, as has been the norm during previous run weekends in this portion of Virginia. There was very little rain on Saturday, a day that otherwise was cool (low to mid 50s) and overcast, with fog in the morning, and occasional drizzle during the day. The drizzle turned to light rain at times overnight, and the fog became quite thick and a real obstacle for the runners on the already challenging rocky trails along the western ridge of the Massanuttens. Sunday though was gorgeous, with not only the rain but the clouds leaving the area pre-dawn, and the temperatures remaining pleasant for the final hours of the run. This also led to what has become the standard outstanding brunch/party at the Signal Knob Cafe at the finish line, hosted as always by Stephanie Danahy and John Stacy, and assisted this year by Joey Cohen.

Thanks again to all the participants in this year’s Ring. We hope to see many of you back for The Ring again next year, which will be held over its traditional Labor Day weekend, September 1-2, 2018.


New?PlaceNameSexAgeStateMilford 13.2Roosevelt 25Crisman 34.3Moreland 40.7Edinburg 48.7Woodstock 56.9Powells 62.7Finish 70.7
Yes1Adam WatkinsM37DC2:194:296:30X9:4511:2612:2914:23!
No2Keith KniplingM41VA2:385:037:158:4110:3912:4013:5615:51
Yes3Christopher MooreM31VA2:385:007:088:3510:3512:3413:5416:06
Yes3George SefzikM42VA2:364:567:078:3510:3512:3413:5616:06
Yes5Paul JacobsM39DC2:274:436:448:0910:1012:3213:5416:13
No6Eric HarrisM44MD2:385:037:259:1011:2313:3515:0417:14
No6Justin FaulM37VA2:385:037:259:1011:2313:3515:0417:14
Yes8Sheila VibertF35VA2:555:267:449:2111:3113:5315:3518:03
No9Erik PriceM34VA2:555:267:449:3211:4514:1215:3818:06
Yes10Jesse FullerM33VA3:055:568:2810:1612:4115:0516:3518:55
Yes11Todd EllickM34VA2:555:297:539:4012:0214:3916:3519:06
Yes12Ronald GreenM50MD2:525:398:2010:1312:2715:0316:4119:20
No13Michal KaweckiM38PA3:135:528:2910:2812:5715:3517:1920:11
Yes14Doug MassengaleM41MD3:055:568:3510:3213:0916:0718:0420:53
No14Scott LeeM46VA2:575:518:3510:4713:2616:2518:2320:57
Yes16Adam KatkhoudaM29VA3:066:018:5710:4613:0916:3118:1621:07
No17Brett MartinM36VA3:166:309:2311:1413:4516:3318:3021:20
Yes18Patrick VaughanM40VA3:456:309:2311:1413:4616:3318:3021:20
No19Adeline NtamF37MD3:276:299:1211:1213:5516:5418:4521:41
Yes19Andy PetersonM60VA4:007:019:4511:5214:4917:3119:0821:41
Yes21Josh WadlingtonM37VA3:306:088:45X13:0916:2518:2521:43
No22Casey FisherM34MD3:196:229:1011:1914:2317:3819:3522:37
Yes22Josh JonesM35MD3:176:369:1811:1914:2317:3819:3522:37
Yes24Rob TidwellM47VA3:306:489:5212:0815:1018:0920:1123:07
No25Marty FoxM66VA3:306:509:5012:1015:1518:3620:3523:29
Yes25Justin PeakeM37MD3:246:339:3411:3914:4518:0220:1123:29
Yes25Andrew BurnetteM47MD3:457:0110:0512:2315:3818:3720:4723:39
Yes28Dan HawkM44MD3:196:379:4212:0515:2018:4920:5323:40
Yes28Jeff PenceM59VA3:507:2010:3512:4515:3818:3620:5523:40
Yes30Samantha Pitts-KieferF39VA3:557:1810:1612:3815:5018:5120:5323:41
Yes31Ashley CarrF31MD3:456:559:5012:0915:3818:5020:5223:44
Yes32Brian CarrM41MD3:457:3610:3512:5015:5219:0721:0723:54
Yes33Brian ChilesM43VA3:466:569:5011:5715:0918:1620:3224:12
Yes33Kathy HoeglerF40NY3:506:319:1811:2114:5118:0220:3224:12
Yes35Larry TumblinM48VA3:507:2010:3512:4916:0019:1921:2924:55
Yes36Hillary PeabodyF31DC3:457:0810:2012:3015:3818:5621:3825:56
No36Don RileyM54MD3:396:5510:1312:3215:3218:5721:3825:56
Yes38Richard SissonM47VA3:306:489:4512:1615:3818:5621:3426:22
No39Carol CohenF40VA4:147:3810:3313:0617:0920:3923:0726:39
No39Larry HuffmanM56VA3:557:5311:3014:2017:2120:3923:0726:39
Yes41Kelly FletcherF37DC3:507:1310:2013:0017:0920:3923:1926:59
Yes42Judith WeberF57MD4:308:2411:4814:2818:0521:4624:1227:33
Yes43Ken FurmanM56MD3:507:4511:1614:0217:4422:1324:0727:33
Yes44Joyce FendleyF51VA4:007:3810:5213:3917:2821:2123:5327:47
Yes45Jamie GreenawaltF49PA3:547:2910:5213:3917:4422:1324:5228:28
 Timed OutJacqueline OngF56VA3:577:3211:0513:4518:0522:4925:1730:20
 Timed OutJulius GarciaM57VA3:557:3211:0513:4518:0522:4925:1730:20
 NopeBob AndersonM70VA3:547:3711:1014:0017:5322:14XDNF/Back
 NopeGary MaierM64NY4:318:0811:2313:59XXXDNF
 NopeSam CoynerM50VA3:417:3911:2814:31XXXDNF/Time
 NopeShelly CableF47PA4:108:0211:4714:56XXXDNF/Time
 NopeChris MelvinM42VA3:597:5311:3014:59XXXDNF/Time
 NopeGaynor BourgeoisF48DC4:007:3110:52XXXXDNF/Illness
 NopeJeffrey KlemmM66VA4:148:1512:02XXXXDNF/Time
 NopeCarole WilliamsonF56MD4:308:2912:05XXXXDNF/Time
 NopeRick MoyerM57PA4:449:0213:13XXXXDNF/Time
 NopeKathleen CusickF42FL2:475:17XXXXXDNF/Road
 NopeJohn LoveM34VA2:475:32XXXXXDNF/Family
 NopeJen JacobsF40DC3:447:02XXXXXDNF/Injury
 NopeEd RangelM40MD3:567:45XXXXXDNF/Injury
 NopeK Mike EdwardsM55MD4:108:34XXXXXDNF/Time

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