2023 Report

May 28, 2023  •  McConnellsburg, PA

49 starters, 29 finishers


May 28, 2023 brought the 11th running of the tough Holy Cowans Gap 50 km. The weather was perfect for runners, cool, breezy and clear. Of the 49 runners who toed the start line there were 29 finishers. This year marked a few impressive feats especially among the female runners. Marisa Romeo set a new women’s course record and won outright in a time of 5:51. Jamie Greenwalt completed the entire 50 km, setting a new PR on the course after finishing MMT the weekend prior. James Fogg was the first male finisher in stout time of 6:14.

A good number of runners who decided to continue to run the second part of the course were overachievers and brought in some additional miles along with good stories. We applaud all those who attempted the tough course with its challenging terrain and tricky turns. All the runners were able to enjoy a fun BBQ put on by the VHTRC at the finish area to share their experiences.

Thanks to the VHTRC club, runners and volunteers for making this day an experience to remember in the Pennsylvania woods.


1Marisa RomeoFemale29NC5:51 
2James FoggMale45MD6:14 
3Sarah GrantFemale33DC6:16Extra mileage
4Bradley HawleyMale43VA6:35 
5Wyatt KennoMale28PA7:00Extra mileage
6Joe SchramkaMale54DC7:10 
7Magali Hoebeeck Female38MD7:32 
8Matthew ErbMale45VA7:34 
9Mike KempskiMale23PA8:03 
10Jamie GreenawaltFemale55PA8:06 
11Cassandra LizzaFemale42PA8:13 
12Kate FletcherFemale48VA8:15 
13Joseph CoyleMale48PA8:23Extra mileage
 Carl StaufferMale51PA8:23Extra mileage
15Michael WomelsdorfMale37PA8:31 
16Christian StantonMale49VA8:34Extra mileage
17Tom MaugerMale64WV8:41 
18Eric McGlincheyMale49VA8:50 
19Benjamin RushMale47KY8:53 
20Tom SimondsMale68VA9:13 
21Jack NguyenMale40VA9:27 
22Emma HicksFemale22VA9:40 
23Susan MaloneFemale66PA9:47Dang that was hard
24Matt WolfeMale39PA9:49 
25Christina WendelFemale32MD10:52 
26Edward LenoMale56VA10:54 
27Morgan NeuburgerFemale33PA11:24Extra mileage
 Elaina StantonFemale52VA11:24 
29Jeffrey KlemmMale72VA11:41 
 Allison AbbeFemale47PA  
 Steve BunvilleMale63PA  
 Robert GrolemundMale54VA  
 Stephen HalsteadMale57FL  
 Mitch HawbakerMale64PA  
 John HordMale55MD  
 Larry HuffmanMale62VA  
 Katie KeierFemale53VA  
 Adeline NtamFemale43MD  
 Antonio PuzzangaraMale23PA Extra mileage
 Darla RoyalFemale63MD  
 Patricia ScottFemale55MD  
 Zachary SeidelMale34VA  
 Bruce TweedieMale61VA  
 Rodica UrsuFemale54MD  
 Ram OrugantiMale53VA  
 Jeni DwyerFemale47VA  
 Jen PageFemale    
 Ted BielawaMale53VA  

Last updated May 29, 2023