2022 Report

May 29, 2022  •  McConnellsburg, PA

54 starters, 38 finishers


First place finishers for the 2022 Holy Cowans Gap 50k: Erin Kelman and Emily Warner

The 10th annual Holy Cowans Gap did not disappoint, with a total of 54 brave starters and 38 finishers. The first place male was Erin Kelman, who finished way out front in 5:42. Joseph Crawford and Chris Pabian battled it out for that runner up podium spot until the last few miles. First place female goes to Emily Warner in an awesome time of 6:38, with Magali Hoebeck in second and Kristen Kelman in a close third.

It was, as always at Holy Cowan’s Gap, a great post-race BBQ on the lake, with perfect weather enjoyed by VHTRC friends and family. It proved to be the perfect setting and conditions to send off run co-founder Alisa Springman into retirement, after this transition year with new RD Sheila Vibert. Thanks to all the volunteers and runrs for coming out for some cheering and jeering, and we look forward to seeing everyone next year!

Run sweep (and winner of the hula dancing contest) Homer Komthirath


1Erin Kelman5:42  
2Joseph Crawford6:12  
3Chris Pabian6:14  
4Anthony Wolosik6:16  
5Samuel Hill6:21  
6Kevin Walker6:31  
7Kyle Imhoff6:33  
7Barret Stanton6:33  
9Emily Warner6:38  
10Magali Hoebeeck7:05  
11Ali Mohammed7:224 Bonus miles 
12Kristen Kelman7:24  
13Joe Schramka8:04  
14Keith Morris8:06  
14Cassandra Lizza8:06  
16Nicholas Rivera8:15Its terrible, it's awful 
17Levi Mason8:24  
17PJ Vaughan8:24  
19Jim Harris8:36  
20Deb Cawthorn8:46  
20Christian Stanton8:46  
22Scott Lee8:51  
23Drew Schiavone8:52  
23Emma Hicks8:52  
25Bryan Slotterbach9:16  
26Patricia Scott9:20  
26Andy Peterson9:20  
28Christiana Fogg9:21  
28Jamie Greenwalt9:21  
30Art Perraud9:32  
31Ivory Lira9:34  
32Jaret Seiberg9:52  
32Mitch Hawbacker9:52  
34Darla Royal9:55  
35Elaina Stanton10:09  
36Doug Kelly10:12  
37Jeffrey Klemm10:57  
38Christina Wendel11:19  
 1/2 "Holy Cow" Distance   
 Dan Aghdam 5 miles 
 Andrew Arbuckle   
 Doug Bertram   
 Neisa Condemaita   
 Jayme Dubinsky   
 Bob Gaylord   
 Cherry Grassi   
 Stephen Grassi Holy Cow +++ 
 Donald Halke Holy Cow +++ 
 Alicia Hare Holy Cow +++ 
 Peter Kempe   
 Jen Page Holy Cow +++ 
 Mandy Pierce   
 Jeffrey Reeder   
 Megan Wiegand   
 Caroline Leean   

The 1/2 “Holy Cow” Distance was covered by these runners, who finished the first half of the course. Those who logged some miles on the second half of the course are noted as Holy Cow+++; the one runner who pulled out at Aid Station 1 due to injury is also noted.

Last updated May 31, 2022