2018 Report

May 27, 2018  •  McConnellsburg, PA

53 starters, 42 finishers


Congratulations to all of you who bravely started the 8th annual Holy Cowans Gap 50k. We had the highest percentage of full 50k finishers in run history. Kudos on being the toughest group to ever toe the line. Below are the results of the run. FYI - the watch used to record your finish times had not been synced with the starting watch, so if we are off by a minute or two, apologies!

Thanks again for coming out to play on our beautiful course. We hope that you will join us next year on Sunday, May 26th for the ninth running of the run. Happy Trails ~ Alisa Springman & Sue Malone


1Tyler Keyworth5:5231 miles
2James Fogg6:0231 miles
3Brad Hinton6:0631 miles
4Trevor Baine6:1731 miles
5Matt Christovich6:2731 miles
6Chris Pabian6:3331 miles
7Lokesh Kumar Meena7:1131 miles
8Javier Montenegro7:3531 miles
9Joe Schramka7:3631 miles
10Emily Clay7:3831 miles
11Daisy Weill7:4631 miles
12Tristan Massie8:0031 miles
13Will Phillips8:0531 miles
14Allison Abbe8:1331 miles
15Ted Bielawa8:2031 miles
16Geoffrey Mason8:2631 miles
17Birgit Mitchell8:3031 miles
18Carol Cohen8:3531 miles
19Trey Williams8:3631 miles
20Amanda Miles8:4531 miles
20Keith Hearn8:4531 miles
20Meir Lewin8:4531 miles
23Emily Bertram8:4831 miles
23Norman Rodriguez8:4831 miles
25Charlene Howard8:5931 miles
25Faye Weaver8:5931 miles
25Frank Volny8:5931 miles
28Lou Brooks9:0031 miles
28Marty Fox9:0031 miles
30Darla Royal9:1331 miles
31Michael Hannon9:1431 miles
31Art Perraud9:1431 miles
33Brian McNeill9:4431 miles
34Emily Ryan9:5431 miles
35Tracey Thibodeau9:5731 miles
36Jeffrey Klemm10:0531 miles
37Caroline Williams10:1131 miles
37Gary Bowman10:1131 miles
39Mitch Hawbaker10:1931 miles
40Judith Weber10:4631 miles
41Carole Williamson10:5231 miles
42Jeffrey Boehmer10:5831 miles
NopeQuatro Hubbard8:3527 miles
NopeCatherine Dyson3:2015 miles
NopeSarah Capostagno3:3515 miles
NopeBryan Slotterbach4:0015 miles
NopeCassandra Lizza4:0015 miles
NopeMandy Pierce4:0015 miles
NopeLisa Johnston4:0115 miles
NopePeter Kempe4:2315 miles
NopeDonald Halke4:2915 miles
NopeLarry Thibodeau4:4415 miles

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