Jon Jester

Happy Trails member for nearly 10 years. Volunteering is my passion. My experience in problem solving, relationship building, and inclusivity will serve the Club well.

Jon Jester
Heading out to volunteer at an MMT aid station.

I joined the VHTRC in 2013 and, since then, VHTRC has held a special place in my heart. My love for the club has me serving as a volunteer as often as possible. Highlights include: Volunteer and Aid Station Captain for the Picnic Area station (MMT); Milford Gap (Reverse Ring); Course marking and Hemlock A.S. (BRR); Veach Gap (Boyers Furnace).

I also volunteer at races which are not VHTRC events per se but are races in which many VHTRC members participate: Devil Dog; Ran It With Janet (A.S. Captain); Stone Mill (Bib pickup and the “Water Stop”); Athletic-Equation events - OSS-CIA 50 (A.S Captain), ICY-8, 12HR ATR; C&O Canal 100. I also participate in activities with MyMuddyShoes (Montgomery County, MD) and the Patapsco Trail Junkies (Baltimore and Howard County, MD).

Before I discovered the joys of running on dirt, roots and rocks, I served for several years as a Board member with the Richmond Road Runners Club. That experience, along with my work as a problem solver (lawyer), gives me the background to serve the Club well in this capacity.

If I am elected to serve on the board, I will bring my knowledge of the club dating back almost 10 years, my commitment to the community (VA, DC, MD, and PA, especially, since our most active members are from those areas) as demonstrated in volunteerism, and my ability to get things done effectively due to my professional experience as a lawyer. Also, if you know, me, you know I am a genuinely nice guy who is dedicated to inclusivity, community, and fun!

Last updated November 23, 2021