Exploring along Dead Run, the last stream crossing before reaching the Beltway.

Keith Knipling

Potomac Heritage Month

A virtual run on the PHT course throughout the month of November.

  • November 1–30, 2020
  • 31.1 miles
Total ascent/descent
  • 2,850 feet
GPX file
In charge

Any day in the month of November, run the Potomac Heritage 50 km course and share your run here. We will record your time, with time-bonus shenanigans keeping it extra fun. This is not a race, but is our way of encouraging running together on this urban gem in a safe, socially distant manner. We will keep tabs of all finishers on this page.

The course

See the route below. You can run it any direction you like, and you can start/finish anywhere along the route. The map shows some recommended places to park. We would recommend parking at Fletcher’s Cove or Battery Kemble, allowing you to return to your car mid-run to refuel. But you do you.

While how you do the route is flexible, the route itself is not. We recommend downloading the GPX file and studying it, perhaps uploading to your device. Or consult the embedded Google map on this page during your run.

Particularly tricky parts are navigating the Trolley Trail paralleling the C&O Canal between Fletcher’s Cove and Georgetown, the Chain Bridge Road crossing, and where you leave the PHT around Turkey Run.

Along the Potomac, just downstream from the American Legion Bridge
Along the Potomac, just downstream from the American Legion Bridge.

Bonus time

In the spirit of Potomac Heritage, we have devised some shenanigans that will improve your time.

Spread the fat ass love

Time bonus: 30 seconds for each honk

Present a photo with you on Key Bridge holding a sign saying “HONK IF YOU LOVE FAT ASSES.” Submit this photo and the number of honks you got for a time bonus.

Wildlife selfie

Time bonus: 5 minutes

Get a photo with you and some wildlife for a 5 minute bonus. This could be a deer, a squirrel, or even a bird. Zoo animals and pets do not count.

Selfie with a bear during the 2014 Browntown Loop. Double points if you see a bear on the PHT.

Get your junk wet

Time bonus: 15 minutes

Present photo evidence of you up to your waist in water in any of the several stream crossings along the course. Getting your junk soaked in November may not feel great, but the 15 minute time bonus will warm your soul.

Cooling off in the “swimming hole” in the Jordan River at the trailhead.
Quatro Hubbard demonstrating proper junk-wetting technique at the end of the 2012 Browntown Loop.

You’re a wreck

Time bonus: 5 minutes

Take a selfie with a wrecked car. There is one out on the course (see it before it is gone).

Show your VHTRC love

Josh Howe sporting his VHTRC Patagonia Cool Cap Daily
Josh Howe sporting his VHTRC Patagonia Cool Cap Daily shirt at Bull Run Run. Wear any club SWAG for a 10 minute time bonus.

Time bonus: 10 minutes

Take a selfie with you in VHTRC gear — a shirt, hat, whatever. You’ll safe yourself 10 minutes.

Graffiti under the American Legion Bridge
Graffiti under the American Legion Bridge, the northern turnaround of the PHT course.

Reporting your run

After you have finished your run, use the button below to email your run (either the GPX file or a link to Strava, Garmin Connect, or similar).

Also include your time-bonus shenanigans, including photos.

We will check that you ran the correct course and then add your run to the results below.


These are the finshers of the Virtual Potomac Heritage Run. If you ran it but don’t see your name here, please give us a few days to review your entry.

Sort the table below by clicking on the column header. You may sort ascending or descending (just click again). Refresh the page to get the table back to its default view.

Finishers of the Virtual PHT
NameDate RunRun TimeBonus TimeTime
Larry Huffman 11/07 (Saturday) 09:38:47 00:35:00 09:03:47
Garrett Christensen 11/08 (Sunday) 08:58:32 00:20:00 08:38:32
Ellis Guzewich 11/14 (Saturday) 04:34:14 00:25:00 04:09:14
Ryan Brown 11/21 (Saturday) 06:59:09 00:05:00 06:54:09
Paul Sherlock 11/22 (Sunday) 08:30:01 01:06:30 07:23:31
Alice Burns 11/22 (Sunday) 08:30:01 00:31:30 07:58:31
Jeffery Klemm 11/22 (Sunday) 09:55:00 00:00:00 09:55:00
Geoff Patterson 11/29 (Sunday) 06:17:32 00:10:00 06:07:32
Sue Heineman 11/23 (Monday) 08:56:58 00:45:00 08:11:58

Last updated November 30, 2020

Club Event Participant Medical Policy

This is an event with very real risks to your well being. The VHTRC does not provide medical care for runners at this event. Runners are responsible for their own health, safety, and well being at this event. No doctors, nurses, or emergency medical technicians, or anyone with any medical training are available along the course, at any aid station, or at the finish. The club does not supply any medical goods or services, including bandages, splints, antiseptic, or Ibuprofen or any other drugs to maintain the health of runners. Physical, medical, and emergency care is the runners' responsibility. In case of an emergency, we will endeavor to get local emergency personnel to an injured runner as soon as possible. Since most of our events are in remote areas, medical care may be far away in distance or time. Each year, runners finish — or are forced to drop out — with scrapes, deep cuts, hematomas, dislocations, and sprains. Runners have experienced cuts, bruises, bee stings, and asthma attacks. This is an event with very real risks.