Keith Knipling

VHTRC member since 1999. Board member since 2013. I have some institutional knowledge but will otherwise try to stay out of the way of the new ideas and energy of the new Board.

Keith Knipling
On Long’s Peak, Rocky Mountain National Park.

I have been a trail runner and a member of the VHTRC since 1999 and, over the years, have have been involved in most club events as a participant or volunteer. I have served on the Board the past four terms, from 2013-2021.

I believe the VHTRC’s mission is to promote trail running in our corner of the Globe, primarily through our numerous low-key events, signature races, volunteer trail work, and a website that is worthy of bookmarking.

The next Board will be invigorated with a majority of new members bringing new energy and ideas, something I look forward to being a part of. Having been around for awhile, I have some institutional knowledge that I think will useful. Otherwise, I’ll try to stay out of the way.

Last updated November 23, 2021